Passion Flower Tea

Passiflora, more commonly known as passion flowers, are beautifully intricate and can be found growing on the vines or shrubs of passion plants. They are easily spotted due to their striking appearance and are known to grow better in cooler climates around the world. Over the years, a lot of folklore has circled around this particular flower, giving claims that it could solve anything from troubles in the home, to attracting good fortune.

Although these stories are far-fetched, there are still many good proven qualities to be found in the passion plants. The fruits of the plant are frequently used for a variety of culinary purposes, and the flowers themselves are also used for an assortment of medicinal remedies. These flowers can be made into a strong tea filled with many health benefits. This particular tea is something that has been used by the Native Americans for over two centuries and has been carried over into modern medicine with the help of herbalists.

Alleviates Stress & Anxiety

Passion flower tea is an excellent way to help those that deal with depression, stress, and anxiety. Drinking this tea is a natural way to feel more relaxed without having to experience the drawbacks that are found in most medications. This is mainly used as a treatment for anxiety or insomnia. The chemical mechanism behind this tea is similar to valerian root, in that it increases levels of gamma aminobutyric acid or GABA, in the brain. The release of GABA then works to help relax the whole body leaving you feeling calmer and more comfortable. As a result of these effects, this tea also works to help those that suffer from insomnia as well in that a relaxed body can give way to an easier and better night’s rest.

Lower Blood Pressure

Other health benefits that have been associated with passion flower tea include an improvement in blood circulation and lowered blood pressure. Studies have shown that it has also been useful in being able to ease minor aches such as headaches, back aches, as well as other various pain related ailments. If you’re looking for a natural way to alleviate these particular issues, drinking a few cups of passion flower tea a day can help regulate your body back to normal functioning and allow you to get back to living your life more comfortably.

Eases Withdrawal Symptoms

Another unique factor research has shown is that it can be used to help treat the physical withdrawal symptoms of those who are withdrawing from addictive drugs or substances, including cocaine, vicodin, or other opiates. In those circumstances, it’s not recommended to give more painkillers, however the pain and nausea can be crippling. Herbal remedies like this tea can certainly help to ease this transition.

Directions: To prepare this tea take one bag and steep it in a cup of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. If preferred, it can be sweetened and flavored with lemon, honey, or sugar depending on your liking. It is recommended to drink three to four cups of this tea a day as needed, especially if being used to alleviate anxiety.

One thing to note about passion flower tea is that because it relaxes muscles, it can lead to uterine contractions. As a result, it’s best for pregnant women to avoid drinking passion flower tea. If you are taking any medications, you should ask your consult your doctor prior to taking this to alleviate any serious problems you may have. For those that are interested in trying this, it can usually be found in health food stores, though it is most readily available for purchase online. In order to enjoy the best quality of this tea, we recommend Buddha Teas, a safe merchant that offers the herb in healthier, bleach-free, tea bags. This is far better health-wise for consumption compared to other non-organic brands that may partake in the use of dangerous insecticides. We hope that this article has been beneficial in answering any questions you may have about this particular herb, though if you still find yourself with other questions to ask do not hesitate to contact us.

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