The Benefits of Bleach Free Tea Bags

Many enjoy drinking tea because it is not only healthy, but soothing as well. A variety of teas can be used to relieve sicknesses, while other teas offer a multitude of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Many people today make their tea purchases based on the tea bags their tea is offered in. This is because studies in recent years have shed more light on the dangers behind using bleached tea bags which can contain harmful chemicals. As a result of this, a majority of people today are switching to teas that are offered in bleach free tea bags.

How Tea Bags Are Made

The process of making tea bags has not changed much since their initial invention in the 1900s. While they were made in the beginning using muslin and silk cloth, today they are more commonly made from paper that is prepared using wood and vegetable fibers. The paper is filled with tea and then heat resistant plastics are used to heat seal it together. There are different shapes and sizes to tea bags depending on the brand and type of tea used. Sometimes, the paper of tea bags are bleached to give them an aesthetic appeal. However, when they are bleached with chlorine, chemical residues can linger there and later bleed into the hot water of the tea.

Dangers of Dioxin & Other Chemicals

After leaking into the water of our tea, the harmful chemical remains on bleached tea bags enter the body of the tea drinker where they can lead to damaging negative effects. A commonly found chemical residue on chlorine bleached tea bags is dioxin. After entering the body, dioxin is absorbed by the fat tissues where they have the potential to remain between 7 to 11 years. This dangerous contaminant continuously builds in the body where it can damage the hormonal and the immune system, cancer, as well as behavioral and developmental disorders. For women that are exposed to dioxin while pregnant, dioxin has a chance of causing birth defects and miscarriage. Dioxin can affect anyone negatively regardless of age or gender, although developing children are the most susceptible to the negative effects caused by this toxin.

Purchasing Bleach Free Tea Bags

Bleach free tea bags come without the risk of exposing your body to harmful chemicals. They are safer and healthier for use and leave you to enjoying the benefits of your tea without the cost of sacrificing your good health. Many tea producers and companies will make a note on the outside of their packaging that will claim their use of bleach free tea bags. You can also sometimes find it proclaimed on the website of the tea brand in question, making it easy to choose the better brand. Drinking tea from bleach free tea bags will offer you increased satisfaction knowing that you are not putting your health as well as the health of your loved ones at risk.