Passion Flower Tea: Versatile Benefits

The use of passion flower tea was instigated by the Native Americans over 200 years ago. During these times, it was commonly used as a sedative and painkiller, however today it is more commonly known for much more. The passion flower is native to parts of the U.S, easily spotted for the unique and striking appearance it holds. Recent research has given way to many more benefits that this exotic flower can offer us.

Stress & Anxiety

Passion flower tea has been deemed as one of the best teas for soothing and relaxing those that are plagued with stress and anxiety. The healing properties of this tea make it far better for use than many medications which can have negative and unwanted side effects. In fact, there are many people find passion flower tea to be a suitable substitution for anti-anxiety medications. Studies have shown that the reasons behind the sedative effects of this tea are due to bioactive compounds such as passiflorine, which is a phytochemical that has narcotic effects. Passion flower tea can also be used for sleep problems such as insomnia. Drinking a cup of this tea half an hour before bed can help relax the body and help the drinker achieve a better night’s rest. Many have used the sedative qualities of this tea as a way to ease other things as well such as: seizures, hysteria, high blood pressure, ADHD, and for symptoms of menopause.

Other Benefits

Other notable benefits found in this tea include the improvement of blood circulation and its ability to lower blood pressure, treating physical aches and pains, and nausea relief. Passion flower is also useful to use for those that are looking for a way to withdraw from certain drugs and medications. Another interesting benefit is that passion flower tea can stimulate the production of testosterone in the body as well as have an aphrodisiac effect for those that drink it.

External Uses

This particular tea is also among many herbal remedies that can be used topically as well. When the tea is prepared, it can be applied to the skin to relieve external problems such as pain, swelling, burns, and rashes. Applying this tea to any skin irritations can offer a gentle, calming relief.